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  • The chicken meat is in harmony with the muscle building
  • The balanced supply of minerals enables correct muscle building
  • The excellent digestibility of the rice favors the correct development of the digestive system
  • The composition and the fructo-oligosaccharides improve the assimilation of the animal feed and the consistency of the excretions


Cereals (thereof 4% rice), meat and animal derivatives (of which chicken 10%), derivatives of vegetable origin (thereof beet pulp (1.2%)), oils and fats (thereof 1% corn oil), vegetable protein extracts, fish and fish derivatives, minerals, Yeast (brewer's yeast 0.4%), various sugars (fructo-oligosaccharide 0.02%).

Vitamin A 23,400 UI, Vitamin D3 1,215 UI, Vitamin E 240 mg, copper sulfate pentahydrate (copper) 45 mg, calcium iodate, anhydrous (iodine) 22.5 mg, iron (II) carbonate (iron) 314 mg, sodium selenite (selenium) 18 mg , Zinc oxide (zinc) 144 mg, manganese oxide (manganese) 51 mg. with antioxidants

Analytical components:

  • Moisture 8,00%
  • Crude protein 29.00%
  • Crude oils and fats 14.00%
  • Crude fibers 2.20%
  • Crude ash 6.90%
  • Calcium 1.50%
  • Phosphor 1.10%