TRAINER® Top Breeder Adult Power Energy - All Breeds

Complete food for adult dogs of all breeds with high activity.

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  • 18kg

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  • Complete animal feed for adult dogs in the recovery phase or in activity

  • This is a food that contains functional ingredients that prefer the general well-being of the animal

  • ViNitrox ™ is a concentrated apple and grape dry extract that is rich in polyphenols and has a high antioxidant power

  • The amino acids of the fish proteins increase the nutritional value of the food and ensure brilliant performance while maintaining the ideal weight of the animal

  • The increased palatability and digestibility of the food favors consumption and the optimal absorption of nutrients helps underweight animals in the recovery phase

  • The dried broccoli and chicory extracts help to improve the composition of the microflora and to regulate bowel movements


20% dehydrierte Hühner- und Putenfleischproteine, Mais, Reis, tierische Fette, 10% Maismehl "fioretto", Schweinegrieben, dehydrierte Schweinefleischproteine, 2,5% Rübenmark, hydrolysiertes Tierprotein, Leinsamen, Lignozellulose, dehydrierte Thunfischproteine, Mineralstoffe, 0,25% Bierhefe, Trockenextrakt aus Zichorien, 0,05% Grünlipp-Muschel (Perna canaliculus)


Vitamin A 31,200 UI, vitamin D3 1,620 UI, Vitamin E 385mg, choline chloride 600mg, L-carnitine 250mg, copper sulfate, Pentahydrate 60 mg (copper 15 mg), iron carbonate 470 mg (Iron 180 mg) calcium iodate, anhydrous 30 mg (iodine 3 mg), Sodium selenite 24 mg (selenium 0.24 mg), zinc oxide 256 mg (Zinc 187 mg), manganese (II) oxide 67 mg (manganese 42 mg)

Analytical components:

  • Moisture 8%
  • crude protein 28%
  • crude oils and fats 20%
  • Crude fiber 2%
  • crude ash 6.5%
  • calcium 1.3%
  • Phosphorus 1%
  • omega 3 fatty acids 0.75%
  • Omega 6 fatty acids 2.3%