DOGOTEKA Soft Pad Butter 50ml

SOFT PAD BUTTER - to prevent, cure and maintain the skin's integrity.

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Soft Pad Butter is an extremely effective butter including rich active ingredients designed for the care and protection of skin of our Animals Friends. Soft Pad Butter is product designed to prevent, cure and maintain the skin's integrity. Thanks to the use of natural moisturizing, emollient, and softening active ingredients, it performs an effective regenerative and normalizing action of the skin, dramatically reducing calluses, giving relief in the event of cracking and abrasion, softening the callus from decubitus. It also works to strengthen the resistance of paw pads. Soft Pad Butter is a safe, dermatologically tested and formulated product, thanks to our research and development laboratories, with natural patented ingredients of excellent quality.

Soft Pad Butter is a high quality product, made in full compliance with current health regulations

natural ingredients and 100% without petroleum

with patented Glipeptide®, gives relief during irritable conditions

dermatologically tested


for calluses

for events of cracking skin

for abrasions

for reddened and dry skin

strengthens the resistance of paw pads

Shea butter - moisturizing and nutrient properties, natural ingredient for skin care and protection with excellent antioxidant properties that can counteract the action of free radicals. It has a good filtering capacity against sunlight; it becomes an excellent protection and preventive of skin damage caused by exposure to light.

Mango Butter - useful in treating dry or damaged skin, it has EMOLLIENT, CIRCULATING properties thanks to its content in oleic alcohol, polyphenols, squalene and phytosterols; The latter have anti‐inflammatory properties that can improve skin barrier function and protect against weathering. Useful to soften the skin and give relief in the event of abrasions or calluses that cause itching or burning.

Glipeptide® - patent deposited by DDFarma to counter skin irritations, soothes itching and is specific to soothe the burning sensation.

Instructions for use:

Apply on the skin of the animal to reduce redness, soften calluses, heal abrasions, soothe the feeling of irritation (glipeptide), and for proper healing. Apply on the affected area several times a day, follow the directions of the veterinarian.